Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sleep? Who needs it?

I am functioning on very little brain this morning.
Got home last night and found a message on my answering machine that Alani not doing well - as in maybe go to Emergency type ill. EEEK. Couldn't get a hold of G, so I drove over.

Alani had woken up from a sound sleep and was screaming in pain & kicking wildly. It took a while for G to get Alani focused enough to tell her what was wrong. She said "her legs hurt, her bottom hurt, her tummy hurt" That went on for half an hour or more. She then zonked back to sleep. G woke her up again just to make sure it was sleep and not something worse.

So, when I got there, Alani was sleeping and G was freaked. This was not typical Alani behavior and she was debating on what to do. I told her to call her doctor. While talking to the advice nurse, Alani woke up again and did the screaming, kicking wildly again. This lasted less than 5 minutes and I ended up just carrying her. Nurse referred the call to the doctor and she advised G to bring Alani in to Emergency just to get checked out if she woke up in pain again.

Put Alani back to bed and she started to cry again - no screaming or kicking. So I asked her if she hurt or if she just wanted a warm body to sleep with. She said "warm body", so she zonked out while I was holding her.

2am. She woke up again. Not a happy camper. G took her to Emergency and 4 hours later they were home. Alani ran into the house, big SMILE on her face - her usual happy self. Perky morning self =) They had run some tests and ruled out some stuff (no urinary tract type infection). Tentative diagnosis is a combination of night terrors and growing pains. Oy!

She has grown a lot in the last several months. Her last physical was MONDAY and everything had checked out.

In the meantime, I'd done 3 loads of laundry, and some other bits of house cleaning.

Kyle slept through the whole thing.
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