Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Trying to get back into the groove of 3 times of a week at the cult gym. 3 times this week - go me! Between a pulled calf muscle which I kept re-injuring and being sick, the last two months haven't been good.

There's a new "affirmations" program going on. Instead of the usual "change stations now" announcement, there are "affirmations". Like "I am powerful". "I am quick" (not that early in the morning). "I am steadfast". "I am ..." Everytime I hear one, I can feel my eyes roll back into my head. It may help some people, but it just bring outs my "oh brotthhherrr" reaction.

Unpacking... Going through boxes of books takes a very long time for me. I keep getting side tracked with "oh yeah, this was a good one. I'll just read a little bit of it and..."

Have a box for Consonance, another few for the Friends of the Library.

Kidlets tonight...
Tags: life

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