Debbie (debmats) wrote,

And then there was 1...

Storage Unit 21 has been cleaned and rental has been terminated. Yay!!!!

This was the 10 x 18 foot outside unit which I rented in the final desperate days of July, 2006. When I HAD to be moved out by August 4th and there just wasn't enough time to carefully sort through all my 19 years worth of stuff. I just had to have some place where I could drive up to, unload and go back for more. I had only intended to keep the unit for a few months, but you know how that goes.

I am still sorting my remaining unit - which now holds the contents of 400 (10 x 10), 401 (10 x 5) and 21 (10 x 18).

I recycled all those souvenir Oakland A's soda cups and there were bags of them. Well, you figure 20-25 games a year, two sodas a game - and I had season tickets for over 10 years. I just had to give the pack rat in me permission to let go.

I had several bags of paper bags too - "save everything" - was what we did growing up - it was just the way Mom did things. I recycled those today too.

I need to donate my extra bowling balls.

I also need to find a e-cycle which will take the old UPS and the two 75mb? 750mb? Winchester platter hard drives.
Tags: life

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