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Dan Fogelberg's Sometime a Song for charity and more

From a recent amazon email -

Download Dan Fogelberg's "Sometimes a Song" for Charity

Dear Customer,

As someone who purchased music by Dan Fogelberg, you might be interested in his
newly released "Sometimes a Song," ( ) available now at Amazon MP3 ( ).

Proceeds from the sale of this digital single benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation, so your purchase will go towards defeating the disease that took this beloved singer-songwriter too soon.

All digital music downloads at Amazon MP3 are free of DRM software, which means they will play on on virtually anything that plays MP3s, including PCs, Macs®, iPods®, Zunes®, Zens®, iPhones®, RAZRs®, and BlackBerrys®.

Farmers' Market this morning. Picked up spinach, mushrooms (button and oyster), nappa, bok choy, black bread, forcaccia, broccoli, potatoes, poblano chili, and pears.

K and I had dim sum at Legendary Palace. I think we're going to Peony next time. I sure miss Tin's and Jade Villa.

Going over to the storage unit to clean out the last bit.
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