Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Potluck of sorts

Catch up again.

I managed to get my first Ruby homework done and submitted around 9:30 last night. OOOh a whole 2 1/2 hours before the deadline. Go me! Last night was also interesting because when Laure was leaving she called me to say "the front door won't lock". This door is completely electronic - there's no deadbolt or other kind of lock. We ended up having to call Building Maintenance, police dispatch, and our boss - and then waited while the lock company sent out a technician. It's been an on going problem this week. Wonderful. Good thing Laure double checked the door. There's nothing like being in a building late at night when anybody can walk in.

A couple of weeks ago, lilacfairy and I met up ame_chan, joedecker and mactavish for a fabulous lunch at Zachary's. T'was lovely to see Rainy!!! After pizza, there was book geeking at Dark Carnival. =)

herefox and I went to Theatreworks' season preview. I squeee'd big time because after the welcome speech, Timothy Gulan (Mr. Knightly) reprised his role and sang "Emma". Yup. I squeee'd!!!

There will be 4 MUSICALS this season! Snapshots (by Stephen Schwartz of Wicked fame), Grey Gardens, Ain't Nothin' But The Blues and Long Story Short - a new one by Groovelily!!! Plays are Doubt, Radio Golf, Twentieth Century, and Distracted.

American Idol has started again. Not only am I tortured with having to watch auditions, but I must also play Rock Band. I warned Foxy that I had lousy rhythm. I do okay with simple beats, but once you add in the foot pedal, I am lost. And the guitar? Oy. And? The microphone hated me the other night. I knew I wasn't that off... oh well

Bribes of Zachary pizza and breakfast at Jim's meant that Foxy helped me to pick up the entertainment center at Ikea. The box with the two rolling drawers weighed 60 pounds all by its lonesome. Then there were boxes for the bottom, middle and top shelf units. The next day, he and I cleared out my 10 x 18 foot storage unit. Crammed all of G's stuff into her unit and all the rest into mine. I'll be going over tomorrow to finish up the last bit and terminate the rental.
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