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something scary *weg*

The A's lost yesterday *waaaah*

Ever since I became an A's season ticket holder, one of the benefits has been the use of a luxury box for one game each season.

So last night, invited a bunch of friends out for da annual party. First round of hot dogs and drinks were on me. After that, everybody was on their own *g* (The catering service is a bit overpriced =P - at least this year you were allowed to bring in food that you bought at the coliseum into the box)

After the game, as we were walking out of the suite, all of the Sonidos and Tuazons joined into song. This is the scary part. Y'all remember the whole high school production of Bye Bye Birdie that I subjected Foxy too? Well, the song that my dear friends were singing was "We love you, Debbie, oh yes we do - We love you Debbie, we'll always be true..." - very very loudly all the way out to the parking lot. *sigh* *giggles*

With friends like these... =)
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