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There's a new stretching machine at the cult gym. There are 9 stretching stations and I've been trying them all out. I'm not the most flexible person so it has been interesting. Hanging from the bars - let alone reaching the dang bars - the joys of being vertically challenged and all - . Oh well. My hands are sort of funky looking. My right calf has not forgiven me from trying the leg stretch where you lock your foot on the bar and hold on tight as you're swung around. Like I said, I am not very flexible.

Lots of rain these past few days. I'm going to have to float the van out of the parking lot unless the water drains faster and/or the rains stop. The ducks are having a blast - saw a bunch of them in the middle of the driveway body surfing around the drains. They can't go down the drain because of the grating, but they sure can get a quick spin going past them. Wonder how the owner of the car with the license plate "DMALFOY" will react - they're using the hood of his car as a slide. Not sure how much longer they'll be playing - they're a bit loud (but happy!), and I'm sure it against the complex rules and such. Most everything else is.

Okay, time to find some lunch.
Tags: life, rabbit hole

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