Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The past week or so...

Behind again...

A week ago Tuesday, herefox and I saw Sweeney Todd. It's not one that I'm going to run out and buy when it comes out on DVD. I'm not a huge Sondheim fan to begin with and even though the bloody bits were very fake bloodish and all - ick.

Wednesday started out a bit crazy - issues with the accounting reports took all morning to fix. Joy. Picked up greenmtnboy18 and drinteot at the airport. Fed them at the Hawaiian Drive In - which was thoroughly packed with high schoolers (late lunch day). Spam Musubi makes the day better.

We met up with trektone and the birthday girl lilacfairy and had birthday dinner at Ching Hua. Cake and yakking back at my apt afterwards.

I ended up sleeping in the loft bed - one foot of clearance is enough, so long as I don't forget that the ceiling is very, very close. I miss the 10 foot plus ceilings in the old apt.

Thursday, Joey, Alex, Deb and I went to dinner at Speisekammer. Then we kidnapped Lee after she got off work and went to Fenton's. Yum!

Friday, Alex, Deb and I spent the day in Carmel. Deb got her first dip in the Pacific. The water was warmer now then in July - go figure. Lunch at Friar Tuck's - mainly because Alex was tickled by the name.

Picked up herefox on the way home and went to India Palace for dinner. Gave Deb a chance to try several dishes she hadn't had before - but that meant that there were leftovers. Lots of leftovers. My fridge was full, so we put them into the hands of Indian Fairies Food Delivery Service. Lee didn't realize they'd been there until the following morning. =)

Saturday, Foxy & I went to Jim's for breakfast and then picked up stuff for the upcoming activities. Lee came by. sillermoon finally arrived after a hazardous trip down from Citrus Heights. Blown tires are not a fun thing. But she arrived safely and that's the important thing. Soon Joey, Alex and Deb all arrived. We went to Acapulco for Lee's birthday dinner - didn't have to wait this year. Joyful munching on chips with bean dip and guacamole.

Cake and chatting and munchings and crunchings again back at the apt.

Played Apples to Apples - the answer to "juicy"?

"terrorist attacks". You need to ask Siller as to why. *weg*

Sunday brunch at Jim's.

Most of Sunday was spent yakking and munching.

Tuesday, Joey brought over his guitar for a command performance for Alex and Deb. I did get to hear one of my favorites - Cranes Over Hiroshima. Bambi eyes did not get me Lullaby for a Weary World. =)

He did the Chocolate Chip Cookie song - which I knew I had heard before, but I didn't know it was his song. Alex snapped his fingers and said FKO! Urban Tapestry had done it during their Children's Concert...

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