Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Mochi !!!

Boy that was soooo easy!

Karen got me one of these for Christmas. I'd been looking for one since we made mochi last year at Lorie's - nobody's had it in stock. K had asked Lorie to pick one up if she ever found one. She did!!! Delivery was a bit round'a'bout - Lorie (Monterey Park) dropped it off at my cousin Phyllis' (Los Angeles). Phyllis brought it up to Claudia's (Roseville) at Christmas. Auntie Oscar (San Ramon) brought it home with her and K picked it up there. woosh...

Today was the first day open (or so I thought) that we could do the family thing and make mochi. Uh huh. Nope. Communication between sisters isn't too good. K & I didn't know that G had play dates planned for the kids. Kyle knew about the mochi and woke me up this morning to ask me "WHEN are we going to make mochi????"

K had washed 10 cups of sweet rice last night and put it up to soak. (must soak at least 6-12 hours) This morning, while the rice was draining (drain for at least 30 minutes), I got the machine set up. Add water for steaming. Put in gizmo to agitate the rice. Add rice and cover. Push button to "steam". Wait 35-45 minutes. "ding - rice cooked". Take lid off and push button to pound. (should be about 10 minutes) Watch rice spin around and moosh from the center out. Watch as a handful of unsmooshed rice goes flying out of the pan during one of the spin cycles. Wait for the machine to stop pounding. 10 minutes have come and gone. Wait another 5 minutes Looks done. Turn off manually.

Alani took the initial taste and liked it. Then she and Kyle are hustled out the door by G for their play dates.

Oh well. K & I pour rice flour over the kitchen table and dump out dough. We quickly make the aesthetically pleasing mochi patties, but not quite quick enough so that our patties are still piping hot when we're done. We eat them them with shoyu anyway. Next patties will be either in ozoni (New Year's Day soup) or fried with kinako and shoyu. Yummmmm...

trektone, if you want some fresh mochi, give me a buzz. Otherwise I'll freeze it and you can pick it up later.
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