Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Merry Christmas!

According to G, the kids woke her up for the first time around 3:30am. She gave them the bad news that they couldn't open presents until Daddy got there, and that wouldn't be until 10am, so "go back to sleep". I think they kept waking her up every hour until 8 or so. *weg*

I could hear the kids from the sidewalk - they were definitely bouncing off the walls. Waiting for Auntie Debbie to show up. Waiting for Daddy. Waiting, waiting waiting, waiting...

Santa had been by, so the the stockings were filled and there were lots of presents under the tree.

Waffle breakfast and then *PRESENTS*!!!!! The stockings were ooh'd and aah'd through. There was wrapping paper all over the place. Alani got lots of My Little Pet Shop sets - even My Little Pet Shop and High School Musical underwear and Kyle got 3 Lego sets and several more Pokeman and Yu Gi O card sets. Happy, happy kidlets.

I got a MOCHI MAKER!!!! Yay!!!

Tonight we're going over to Anne & Craig's for Christmas dinner.
Tags: christmas

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