Debbie (debmats) wrote,

questions from Persephone...

I'm still working on the set from Mat.

From Persephone...

1. If a great plague erupted ala the veleveteen rabbit and you had to get rid of all but 6 of your stuffed animals, which ones would you keep and why?
6 hmmm...

  1. Gilly the Pot Bellied Koala Bear
    He's the bear I snuggle with and sob over

  2. Cranberry the Beanie Buddy Bear
    He's soft and cuddly and there are lots of fun memories associated with him. Hey Fwishy *g*

  3. Snoopy
    Just because.

  4. Ryan
    Da lion cub. Another good listener

  5. Hippity the Green Rabbit
    I've always loved green rabbits. It goes back to my first green rabbit named Mary. Mary's long gone, so long live Hippity!

  6. Harry
    My smiling dog

2. Which is worse? Our current president or pestilence?

You mean I have to choose? Hard choice. Pestilence

3. You can only do one for a year. Watch buffy dvds or play ddr...which do you do?


4. What is your favorite food

Rice and sashimi

5. Who are your favorite five people? and why?

I am not including my sweeties Kyle & Alani, though they are two of my favorite people. Besotted auntie, ya know. I'll stick to "adults" for now.

  1. Sony - one of my best friends. My other "sister". We always said that we fight too much to be friends. She is a person I can talk about anything - a person who I have often unloaded my burdens upon

  2. Joyce - yet another best friend from high school. She's the person I've talked to the most. We can spend hours on the phone talking about everything and nothing. She, like Sony, has always been there for me.

  3. Kev - the other half of my brain. We finish each other's sentences. Not a good sign. *g* I can just be me.

  4. Sean - the person I am most silly with. We definitely get into much trouble together. Much joyful singing and giggles - especially when we hit the wrong notes. Scary, ain't it? *g*

  5. My sisters Karen & Gayle - they're my center. Two people that make me insane, but love unconditionally.

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