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I've got the kidlets tonight - they both were asleep within a few minutes of their heads hitting the pillows. Tomorrow I will need to keep them occupied until 4pm - Christmas Eve dinner with us and Grandpa.

This morning I was out and about by 9am - hit Toys R Us and the Disney store. Why would I be venturing into the craziness that is the last shopping weekend before Christmas? Ah, it's because Saturday, we finally asked the kids what they wanted. Usually, there is a handwritten list posted in their room at least a month in advance. We've pretty much gotten things covered, but there were a few items such as a squishy Piglet, and a squishy Ariel doll and some specific Pokemon guides that we knew nothing about.

The Disney store had not one Piglet. I did grab the last squishy Ariel doll. 1-2. Toys R Us did not have the guides but I did pick up some new card sets. Yu gi o too.

Kyle has wanted a Darth Maul light saber. We finally told him that the only kinds that they sell are the expensive collector one that has very breakable glass tube and would immediately break if he tried to fight with it. Why didn't they make a plastic one like they did the others??? He's okay with it and has scratched it off his list.

By the way, the kids? They still think Santa brings most of the presents and that he comes by the house. Under the tree, there are only some outgoing presents and some from friends. When they wake up Christmas morning, all the stockings have been filled and there're presents under the tree. *grin* Oh, and Santa has eaten the cookies and drunk the milk that they left out for him. I think Kyle is getting a bit wise to the whole thing, but Alani still believes. =)
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