Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Bah Humbug?

I am so not in the holiday spirit - not sure why - full of melancholy.

Perhaps my outlook will clear up once I finish my PHP/SQL programming class. Final is Friday and final program is due Saturday night. I've definitely got to get the program done by 5pm on Saturday because the kidlets want a sleep over.

So, in a fit of madness tonight, I bought a purple tree at Borders. The trees come in purple, pink or black. It's not bush, but it's pretty.

Finance Department Holiday party today. It was its usual craziness - the white elephant exchange went well - the tequila, the orange patron tequila, the bailey's and the movie gifts cards were stolen every round. The strangest item? A silver wire Eiffel Tower with wee wine glasses dangling off the sides.

I got a singing dog on a sled - barking "jingle bells" and rocking back and forth. Alani will like it! I also traded my "just in case" items (2 bottles of Sattui Family Red wine) for a dvd of The Notebook. The dvd may end up in G's stocking.
Tags: family, php, programming, work

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