Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Snakes, Lizards, Alligators and Nyquil

Had the weirdest dream last night. I was running a bath in a huge tub and I saw things crawling? swimming in the tub. They were falling from the ceiling. Plop plop plop. Lizards? snakes? baby alligators - very small crawly things... ick. Thankfully, I was not in the tub at the time. My immediate thought was "so this is what happened to the kids' egg hatchery project..."

Nyquil might have been the culprit for that set of hallucinations.

The other cause might have been the night out with Joycie. We're dangerous when we get together and are feeling a mite bit silly. Christmas shopping? We went to Toys R Us and Target - 3 whole hours worth of shopping. Oy. Dinner at Kai's - it was a nice dinner though their tempura came out like mine does - sort of heavy and lumpy. Tasty though.

It might have been the milk chocolate covered cherries too.

Monday night's Sing It Yourself Messiah was fun even though I only knew the Halleliuia chorus. As I don't know the part, I really need to follow somebody. There was a single alto in my vicinity but she was drowned out most of the time by the sopranos. I can read the music, I just can't sing what I read. Play the flute, yes. I had better luck singing bits of the bass part though I can't read bass clef.

I thought there would be a choir to sing a long with - but no, just an orchestra and you needed stand up when your part was being sung. I sat unless there was a chorus. *g*

They've changed the process for the mammograms - it's more like an assembly line - you go in, register, go into a "dressing room", put on your flattering gown, get called, *squish* x-rays done 1-2-3-4, change back into your clothes and you're done. 15 minutes from start to finish. Literally!!!

Tonight I had my annual eye exam. Eyes look fine and the prescription hasn't changed hardly at all. Uncorrected vision in right eye is 20-70, left is 20-80. or vice versa. Spent almost $1800 on new glasses - I've got over 4K in my flexible spending account which needs to be used or will be lost at the end of year, so I figured, why not? So I've got a pair of progressive glasses, a pair of reading only glasses, a pair of progressive sunglasses and a new set of contacts.

The progressive lenses on my glasses cost over $400 per pair. Ouch. At least this time, I didn't pick the muy expensive frames.

I decided to get a pair of reading glasses because I tend to read on my stomach, my side, my back, feet up in the air etc and the the progressive lenses just couldn't keep up.
Tags: dreams, friends, life

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