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Faire & Other Stuff

I want to play the answer or ask question games too please *g*

Much grumbling at Toyota Dealership. I had told the service guy that I was going to LA on Friday and I needed my car back by Friday 11am at the latest. Have had ongoing issue with car stalling. It only happens when I've gone someplace, parked the car for a short time and then try to leave. Car stalls - almost like I flooded the carburetor but that's not possible on a fuel injection car. If I wait 5-10 minutes it starts up fine.

So anyway, I dropped it off last Tuesday night - they had it all Wednesday and Thursday (they needed to order part). Called Thursday evening and service guy says part is on back order. Now, the last time I talked to the guy, he was pretty sure he could have it done by Thursday night. It sure would have been helpful once he knew that the part wasn't going to be in (as in Thursday morning when parts are delivered)if he could have called me THEN!!!! I was also having the car door lock thingy fixed and I would have told him to go ahead and fix it. So, I had to wait while they fixed the car door on Friday. Stupid. Make NOTE: call often on car from now on. Do NOT wait for them. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday morning, returned rental car, picked up Eeyore II, packed up car for trip. Still forgot to pack my lens solution. That's twice this week that I'd forgotten to pack it. Stopped by store for ice, dp, tejava and some munchies. Picked up Foxy at 12:30 and we were on the annual bower road trip to LA.

Had my first experience of being pulled over by a cop on the freeway. Talk about freaking out. I knew I wasn't going that fast (people were passing me). Had seen him on the other side of the freeway, and I did slow down a bit (was still going slower than most everybody else). He pulled behind me, and then beside me, and then behind me again - flashing red lights. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!

Pulled out my registration. Drivers license was in purse in the back seat. When asked for it, I almost opened my door, but there was a lot of traffic. Foxy asked permission first (we do not want to, in anyway, make a sudden moves with person who has gun), and then reached over in the back seat for it. Cop said he had pulled me over because my registration appeared to be expired. Had gotten the sticker months ago, but never put it on (rainy season - I think). It had been sitting in glove compartment. Wanted to see proof of insurance, but I had pulled out my AAA road card and told him I had AAA insurance too. He accepted that, thank goodness, as I realized later the only insurance paper I had was from 2001. Oops. Next rest stop, I slapped that sticker onto the license plate, PDQ.

Stopped at bottom of Grapevine for dinner - Iron Skillet again. Had chicken fried chicken (as opposed to chicken fried steak) with mashed potatoes. It came with soup and salad and lots of iced tea. Chicken was not shoe leather like kind in the buffet last year.

Picked up Persephone, got to meet James & Rowan and then invaded Rainy's. Lots of hugs, then chatting. Everybody else crashed - but Foxy & I ended up yakking until 2am or so.

Got to faire around noonish or so. Michael (glass pusher) had left comp tickets at the gate. (Very nice of him!) Persephone and I decided to get our hair braided. Line looked long, but there were lots of braiders. I've done this before and they usually go pretty fast. Not this group. Half the people were not qualified for the different types of braiding. Ugh. Took forever. Couldn't stand sitting on bench where my feet didn't touch the ground any longer, so I didn't get flowers added to my hair. Loved the braids though - kept hair in braid until Sunday night. If I had gotten the flowers added it would have been messy to sleep on too.

Lots of shopping - we didn't hit a single show this faire - weird. Rainy gave me a lovely ivory seashell pendant. Lots of prezzie giving *g*. Was bad and bought another piece of glass from Michael. Evil, evil man. We be evil and talked Foxy into new outfit from Pendragon's *weg*

Stayed at faire until closing. Had no energy to go dancing around circle, though the drumming gets your pulse going. Also had several pieces of glass and that would have made dancing awkward. T'was interesting walking back to the car - exiting Ren Faire Folk, incoming ZZ Top fans. Lots of hair between both groups *g*

Made it back to Rainy's around 8. Shower was lovely. The only problem with Faire is all the dang dust. It's everywhere. Italian take out for dinner - yum... spaghetti bolognese, a chicken pesto and sundried tomato spaghetti that was absolutely delicious. And then there were the yummy garlic rolls. Evil things. About the size of a donut hole - and they disappear just as fast.

Watched the last disc of buffy season one - we started season II, but Rainy & Jeff realized that they had never actually finished season I. I know I was dozing off towards the end, as I think were most everybody else. Much squeaking from Rainy *g* Everybody crashed soon after.

Sunday,James & Rowan came to pick up Persephone - they had much to do as they were putting on a BBQ to celebrate James' birthday that afternoon. The rest of us ended up at Cafe Laurent for brunch. Yum as usual. Lots of chatting and drinking of caffeine. Picked up more muffins (chocolate/orange and blueberry) for the trip home.

Packed up car (oy what a mess - hadn't really cleared things out from LA trip with sisters) and Foxy & I headed back up highway five for home. We were somewhere around Castaic when we received phone call from Rainy - her keys were still in Eeyore. OOps. Ended up mailing her keys back via priority mail yesterday.

Stopped at Casa de Frutta. The Casa de Wine shop was having a half price sale. Picked up a couple bottles of gewurztraminer ($10.99 for two!!!) and a bottle of mead. Foxy picked up several bottles of the raspberry and blackberry wines and a bottle of mead.

Dropped off da fox and I was home around 9pm


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Jun. 10th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm going to think up some questions for you once I get home. Time to leave in 10 minutes! Yay! Gotta go to the gym though. Boo!

You know, I still have the flowers from the braiding you got done at Sterling Forest Faire. *g* They're sitting in the dish with the gigantic candle as decoration.

Is the Casa de Fruta gerwhatchamacallit the same one you brought to Balticon? Very nice wine, though stinky.
Jun. 10th, 2003 01:16 pm (UTC)
Be glad that I at least left the flowers in the bowl and not buried in your couch *g* They have a tendency to fall all over the place.

The gewurztraminer I brought to BaltiCon was made by Beringer. The new ones I bought are actually under the Casa de Frutta label. Tried it, and it was a little bit more tart than Beringer's. Gewurztraminers are not stinky *g*
Jun. 10th, 2003 04:25 pm (UTC)
1. Are you happy and satisfied with your current life? If not, what would you change?

2. Other than Steve and Sharon, who is your favorite sf/f author? Why?

3. Do you regret any particular choice you've made in your life?

4. What's your dream vacation?

5. What's your "type"? (i.e., what kind of guys are you generally most attracted to?)
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