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Just what have I been up to? - Last Weekend

I picked up pezazul and clsinstl at SFO on Wednesday, November 28th. (see how behind I am???) Had dinner at Chili's in San Bruno. Have to remember that they're open until 10 on weeknights - I keep forgetting it's there.

Thursday, they went off to San Francisco - SFMOMA and Union Square, while I telecommuted and worked on my PHP homework. Yay for training budget this fiscal year - I can charge hours to work for the classes I'm taking!!! Max is 40 hours. Homework done and submitted!

Picked up lilacfairy and the four of us went out for sushi at Kamakura's. Yum.

Friday, Kev, Christopher and I spent the day in Carmel - lots of holiday shopping (cheese!!!) followed by freezing our toes off in the ocean. Christopher thought we were insane, and didn't even get his feet wet. It didn't take very long for Kev's and my toes to freeze... Beautiful autumn day - just very chilly!

Picked up herefox on the way home and we had a late caribbean style dinner at Tropix. Jambalaya was tasty as was the dark chocolate plantain bread pudding!!!

Saturday, Kev, Christopher, Foxy & I went to The Great Dicken's Christmas Faire. More shopping! Had the usual yummy tea first thing. It's a lovely way to start the day with orange spice tea, scones with lemon curd and cream, smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and gingerbread. Much sadness as the pumpkin and carrot cake was still in the oven. Met up with Sean's friend Ogg at some point. Took in Mad Sal's show at 1pm - no 12 Days of Christmas in that show. Oh well, Christopher will have to come again to learn the Roger in a bow version.

Saturday night, picked up Lee and met up with trektone and had peruvian food at La Furia Chalaca for dinner. I really like their jalaea - Classic Northern Peruvian seafood dish; fresh fillet of seasonal fish, lightly breaded and served on a bed of fresh lettuce, garnished with shrimp and shellfish, slices of fried plantains and nuggets of dried corn; topped with a light lime dressing. The only part I wasn't crazy about was the dried corn - not sure why - I love corn nuts.

Ice Cream!!! We went to Fenton's where we lifted up a spoon in honorame_chan and in memory to her grandma who loved the place. Pictures can be found in Joey's journal here. I know how big the portions are, which is why I was very content with my single scoop of pomegrante sherbet.

Kev, Christopher, Foxy and I yakked until late then reluctantly went to bed as K & C had an early morning flight out of SFO.

Around 4am, C got a phone call that said their flight had been cancelled and that they had been rescheduled for the one that left at noon. Kev woke me up and told me, but I told him not to wake Foxy. Oops. Foxy was up and ready to go at 5:30 and woke me up - and then I told him to go back to bed. Next time, I wake up Sean and tell him.

There had been thoughts of going out to breakfast, but K & C slept in, so we munched on cheese, salami and sourdough bread. Dropped them off at the airport and then Foxy & I went to Hobee's for blueberry coffee cake and hot orange spice tea! Dropped Sean off and I went home and flopped back into bed.

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