Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sunday, sweet Sunday...

His Royal Highness has decided that he's not ready to get up yet. He woke up around 8am and played with legos (and put them all away!) and crawled back into bed 15 minutes later. Eventually at some point this morning, he and I will go out for breakfast at MacDonald's and then I'll drop him off at G's and then K & I will go to the Farmers' Market. After all the Thanksgiving over the top goodness, it's back to veggies, veggies and fruits.

Friday, Her Royal Highness had a sleep over, followed by breakfast at old MacDonald's (she ate, I just had a diet coke), and then I dropped her off. I then picked up herefox at the airport. Breakfast at Hobee's (yay for blueberry coffeecake!) and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Harvest Festival in San Jose. Took care of several people on my holiday list. Yay!!!

I picked up a copy of John Burns' The Many Adventures of Pengey the Penguin and The Further Adventures of Pengey the Penguin. I'd seen the reviews for the first book and I'd been thinking of getting the book for the kidlets. I get to read them first though...
Tags: family, friends

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