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Thanksgiving 2007

Made it to K's around 11:15 - had to stop by the store for flowers (a dozen yellow roses), 7 bags of ice (for the igloos - aka ice chests if you're Mat) and whole milk for the wee munchkins.

Alani kept asking what time it was - she wanted more people to play with!

Aaron not only took Kyle, Alani & Luc to the park, when he returned, he had to carve the turkey. Busy, busy, busy.

There were 8 little kids running around the house - for a change, Kyle was the oldest and had to play the wise elder. He did a great job - he didn't yell at the little ones - even when a couple of his favorite nerf arrows were stripped of their foam feathers and shredded. G has promised to replace them. So Kyle was the oldest at 8, then Alani - 6, Guy - 5, Flynn - 3, Miya - 2, Luc - 1 (almost 2), Maeve - 1 and baby Joshua (3 1/2 months). Guy & Alani turned into bestest friends and had a blast.

The five pans of finger jello were eaten by the hoards - barely a sandwich baggie full was left.

We had 33 people this year. Byron, Jennifer, Guy, Flynn and Maeve will be out from Viriginia again next year!

A shout out to Kenji and Gina for being such good sports with the little ones - braves souls took the kiddies to park to work off some of the sugars... Byron was muttering under his breathe that it hadn't been that long ago when he'd been taking Kenji & Gina to the park. Kenji is now a freshman in college. Oy...

Menu for this year - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice, gravy, futomaki and inari sushi, onigiri (all kids very happy), finger jello, chili, two kinds of fruit salad, two kinds of cranberry, flank steak, pasta salad, egg rolls, ham, roast duck, chicken chow mein, spinach dip, mexican dip, spanokopitas, veggie platter, steamed broccoli, boiled yams, tossed green salad, mixed veggie tsukemono, swedish rolls, salami and cheese, tangerines, persimmons (3 people brought bags - all from their trees), banana cream pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream.

K, G & I had a long chat with Byron & Jennifer and Aaron & Aly after everybody else had left.

Kids went to bed with no fuss - it was 11pm! Kyle said "Can't wait until next year - it's only 365 more days!".

K, G & I cleaned up and were finished by 1am. Go Us! There are lots of leftovers...
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