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No Head, please!

Break time from Thanksgiving prep.

It is always an interesting experience buying duck when I get this one particular woman cook/clerk.
"I'd like 3 ducks, sliced, no heads please".
"Yes, and no heads"
She then writes up a ticket for 1 duck
I hold up 3 fingers. I have a tendency to hold up my thumb, and first two fingers rather than the middle three fingers. Residual effects of sign language. Confusion, and then I switched to the usual way. Okay. We're in business.

I got home and was putting the ducks into their container and there it is, just looking at me - one duck head. *sigh*

Today, I've

  • Gone to the cult gym

  • Bought last of the groceries that I need for prep

  • Gone to Chinatown and picked up roast duck and chicken chow mein

  • Picked up 4 dozen swedish rolls at Boniere's

  • Picked up autumn-ish cocktail napkins - no more turkey ones *sigh*

  • Prepped mushrooms, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes for veggie platter (I ended up with it after all)

  • Chopped up onions for spanakopitas

  • Chopped up tomatoes for mexican dip

Things to do today

  • Clean and chop up lettuce for mexican dip

  • Slice up salami

  • Make 5 pans of finger jello

Things to do tomorrow

  • Clean and cook yams (bake or boil?)

  • Spanakopitas

  • Mexican Dip

  • Pick up 7 bags of ice

  • Pick up flowers for centerpiece and obutsudan


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Nov. 22nd, 2007 12:02 am (UTC)
I got worried when I read this. Three ducks and one disembodied duck head?? Yikes! *grin*
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