Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Adventures in apt living & thanksgiving prep

Well, the bubble seems to have subsided as has the dripping. Apt manager stopped by to see. Roofers were supposed to be here at 11am, but I didn't hear anything. At least nobody has put their foot through the ceiling. We'll see.

Cooking mood this morning - steamed the artichokes from yesterday's farmers' market run. Pot of tomato soup simmering on the stove. Maybe I'll add some barley.

Going through the cupboards & fridge to see what I need to pick up at the store for thanksgiving fixings.

Mexican Dip (md)
Spanakopitas (sp)
Finger jello (fj)
Boiled yams (y)
Salami and Cheese (sc)
Swedish Rolls (sr) - order 3 dozen from Boniere's - pick up on Wednesday
Duck (d) - pick up in Chinatown on Wednesday
chow mein (cm) - pick up in Chinatown on Wednesday

G is doing the veggie platter this year.
Let Skip know that he's bringing two pumpkin, a banana cream pie, apple pie (1 or 2?)
Call Auntie Oscar and make sure they're coming and how does she cook her kabocha.

  • butter - (sp)

  • phyllo dough - (sp)

  • spinach - 2-3 boxes frozen chopped - (sp)

  • onions - (sp)

  • eggs - (sp)

  • parmesan cheese - (sp)

  • feta cheese - (sp)

  • gelatin - have 17 packages, need 3 more - (fj)

  • jello (9oz each of orange, lemon, strawberry banana, line and blueberry) - (fj)

  • 5 cups of whipped cream - (fj)

  • 3 cups of sour cream - (md)

  • half a head of chopped lettuce - (md)

  • 1 large can of refried beans - (md)

  • 3-5 roma tomatoes - chopped - (md)

  • guacamole - (md)

  • grated cheese - (md)

  • slice olives - (md)

  • tostitos - (md)

  • salami - (sc)

  • cheese - (sc)

Tags: apt, thanksgiving

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