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Drip Drip Drip

When I went to go sit at my desk, I noticed that the rug had a discolored spot. I figured that I had spilled something some dp earlier and I'd have to use spot remover later.

Then I heard this "drip" sound.

I looked up. There the ceiling had bubbled - about a foot and half across. Crap.

Called the emergency number (this had to happen the week that the on site apartment manager was on vacation). Nothing they could do about it today, but they'll be out to check tomorrow.

I was told that I could possibly pop the bubble with a screw driver and get rid of most of the water. I have my doubts about trying that. 1) I have no idea how much water is up there and whether it would fit in my bucket or totally overflow it and me 2) I'd need to balance a bucket while standing on a step stool AND 3) it's that "how much water is up there?"

So I will just clear as much stuff out of there as as I can.

Hopefully it will not rain anymore tonight. Last night it poured...
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