Debbie (debmats) wrote,

weird dreams

The dream started out with a bunch of us making favors for a wedding. White and red ribbon. The centerpieces too. Somehow the ribbon which was to be used for the centerpiece was used on some of the favors which caused an uproar. Panic! There was no more special ribbon and the wedding was the next day and OMG. I just remember thinking why were we doing the stupid favors the night before the wedding?

Day of wedding... running around, trying to get things done. I seemed to be in a dark red dress, Spanish sort of style with a mantilla (sp?) draped over my hair. Was almost late for processional. I think I was maid of honor. Joycie's? Sony's? intermixed. We all walked in very fast - almost at a run. Mariachi band in balcony. Bride and I trying to figure out where to sit while the band played?

Next part of the dream, I'm trying to figure out where Mom is. Well at least her flight. She'd been in Las Vegas and something happened, so they were flying her back to Oakland via Boston. Why? Talking to booking agent (?) and trying to figure out why she was being sent across the country?

Just what is my brain trying to tell me????
Tags: dreams

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