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This is my second Halloween at the "new" apt, but the first where I've actually been home. I think last year, I was at Foxy's.

It's a bit strange - I don't have at least 7 big bags of candy from Costco at the door. I don't have a bag of stuffed animals to pass out either (I love to win at Circus Circus - can't win on the slots, but I did quite well on the Midway) I haven't been to Circus Circus in years - last time was with Lucy when we went to celebrate my 40th birthday, I think.

Living in a gated apt complex means that I don't get trick or treaters - not even anybody within the complex. Maybe it's one of the million rules this place has.

Kyle and Alani are at a party at either Noah's or Nathan's. Kyle's a dementor and Alani's Jasmine. Hope G took pictures.

Oh well, candy will go to the office.
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