Debbie (debmats) wrote,

BaltiCon - Day Four

Mat woke me up at 10:30am. Ugh. Go Team No Sleep! (well, I did get like 4 + hours of sleep)

Elaine soon knocked on the door. We had to move the b/o/d/i/e/s/ beds and other furniture back to their respective rooms. We also wanted to hit Sharon's panel on Believable Telepathy and Empathy at 11am. More ugh. We quickly moved the bed back into place. Moved chairs, wastebaskets, ottoman, tv and everything else to their correct place and room. We did not set off the tv's alarm. Go Us!

Only Sharon and Wen Spencer were on panel, other two members could not be found. Enjoyed the bit of whimsy again when Wen Spencer stuck plushie mice in her books to help the books display standing up. Did not know who lady in the back was, but she kept prefacing her comments with "in my books, I wrote"... this way or that way. I needed more dp. I was actually drinking from half full two liter bottle. I probably needed a caffeine drip.

Went back up to rooms to grab stuff and check out. Elaine had arranged to get our check out time extended to 12:30pm. After checking our luggage, we went back to the dealers' room - Elaine & Mat ended up chatting with MM people, I finally went over to the buttons table to get a dozen more buttons. They didn't have one that beat last con's "Oh bother said the Borg. We've assimilated Pooh", but they did have a few secret diaries ones - "Sam will kill him if he tries anything" and "Pervy Elf Fancier"

We went over to the arts room - they had some stuff still up for display. I never did make it over there to look or buy stuff. Probably a very good thing. Talked with Steve and Sharon for a bit.

Had lunch over at Shula's. Probably a very good thing I had at least one good meal.

Said good bye to Elaine. Waah... Then off to the airport. Mat's plane was delayed for about 15-20 minutes, but he eventually left.

Me on the other hand. *sigh* Talk about a trip from hell. Everything was peachy keen at my gate. Plane had already arrived. All the display screens showed an on-time departure. Nope nope nope. There was something mechanically, and we'd be delayed an hour. I should still technically make my connection. 45 minutes later - another hour delay. There was no other departure from Phoenix to Oakland that day, so I was given a hotel voucher and scheduled for the 7:45am flight on Tuesday. I was set.

An hour after that, we were told that it would be two more hours. And so it went. They kept making repairs and testing it - going up and down the runway. At 8pm, all the concessions closed in our arm of gates. At 10-10:30pm, the security gates closed up for the night in arm of gates. You could not leave the area. So there we were, stuck with no place to get anything to eat or drink. Around 11pm, America West brought out some soda, water and peanuts. Finally at midnight, we were told that the plane arriving at 12:30am was the same type as our plane and that they would switch planes and get us out of Baltimore at 1am. At that point, I was very glad that we wouldn't get on our original plane. Not feeling too safe about it.

During the hours of waiting, people ended up breaking off into small groups and chatting, sharing whatever food they had, watching people's stuff so they could go use the bathroom - making the best of a bad situation. Ended up talking to one lady about science fiction fantasy stuff (she was reading the latest mzb darkover novel)- she didn't know that mzb had passed away. She usually was out in Baltimore for family stuff every Memorial Day, so I told her about BaltiCon. She said she'd check it out for next year. She laughed when I told her about the Richard is a wuss argument we had going. Another lady was in the same boat I was, missed connection and having to fly out of Phoenix to Portland early on Tuesday.

It was late, I was tired - not a whole lot of sleep over the past 3 days. We finally departed Baltimore at 1:30AM. Arrived in Phoenix at 3am local time. Those of us with early flights - for whom it made no sense to go to the hotel and come back within a few hours- were all given pillows and blankets. Ended up napping on a row of chairs. Portland lady woke up in a panic and thought she had missed her flight. I had to reassure her that the alarm had not gone off yet, and that she still had 45 minutes to boarding. Ugh. We snailed over to Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee before departing. At least America West paid for the coffee.

While waiting to board, got bad news from Karen re: Joanne & Irene. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Flight from Phoenix to Oakland uneventful. Was home and working by 10:30am. Brain was not working too well.

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