Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Another busy weekend...

So Friday, I mananged to hit the gym at 6:15, showered and then was at the dentist's by 7:30am. Made it to work by 8:45 and worked until 1pm. Did get my time card and spreadsheets done in time.

It took a little over 7 hours to get to Eureka!!!! Got stuck in traffic in Marin, Santa Rosa and Willits. Highway 101 goes from a multi-lane freeway to a one lane country road and back again. I did stop for about half an hour in Willits - the kid at the Burger King is probably not going to last very long. His attitude is just not going to get him very far.

G's car has no inside lights and there isn't a flashlight in the car either. I ended up reading the directions by the light of the glove compartment. Street lights? What street lights? I ended up strictly going by odometer readings to figure out when to turn once I got to Eureka. Lots of fog too...

Sony's new place is very nice. I love the openness of the living room/kitchen and family room. There's a pond with a waterfall in the back yard and lots trees - very peaceful. I'd would love to just sit out there on a lounge chair and read.

Shawna is gone again and is back with abusive bf. Oh Damn. Just keeping her in my prayers.

Chatted with Sony, Dave, Mom Burns, Winn, Stan and Katherine. Finally got Thi to talk to me =) She's a bit precocious. She'll be 4 in less than two months. Very opinionated. *hee*

Met Dave's cousins Georgia and Amy - they flew in from Los Angeles (LAX to SFO to Arcata). Listened to lots of stories about Valerie. Didn't know that she'd done nursing stints in Hawaii and Alaska (before both were states!). I always thought she'd spent her entire life in Alameda (well, up until moving in with Dave & Sony).

Paul and his wife Valerie arrived around 11:30pm. They got a late start because of classes. They're doing well!

Tadesse got home just a bit later - he'd been to first Toga party - high school class thing? One of his friends' Mom talked about how there was a huge line at the local fabric store that day for material to make togas.

Saturday - Tom and Katie flew in early that morning. I ended up taking them and Tadesse to Valerie's memorial service. Dave did his mom's eulogy - it was lovely. Sony sang Valerie's favorite song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - she especially loved the first verse which had been cut from the Wizard of Oz. It was a song which helped her get through 6 months of being stuck in a bodycast when she broke her hip as a child.

Later in the afternoon, Sony, Thi, Tadesse and I headed back to church for the halloween party. Thi made a beautiful Cinderella =) I swear, one kid was a carving a pumpkin as big he was. Thi and Tadesse's pumpkin won the "1st Place for pumpkin needing the most dental work".

Back to Sony's. More chatting, groans over the Rockies/Red Sox game and the Cal game. Showed Katherine and Valerie how to fold a crane - we were pretty punchy at the point, so I have no idea whether they'll remember anything. Priscilla, the chihuahua mix, decided that she liked sitting on my shoulder/neck and stayed there until I finally couldn't handle the dog hairs in my mouth. (her tail was on continuous wag)

A little bit of chatting in the morning - then I left when they all went to church. I drove straight through and made it home in 4 1/2 hours.

I'm thinking about going in December - Tadesse is dancing the role of the Nutcracker in the Nutcracker - Wow!
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