Debbie (debmats) wrote,

To-Do List

Stuff I need to get done between now and tomorrow noon...

  • Finish and submit homework

  • pack for weekend trip

  • Make sure to pack good shoes

  • And meds!

  • And phone!

  • Get up and go to Cult gym between 6 and 6:15

  • Shower

  • Dentist appointment at 7:30AM

  • Get to work ASAP

  • Finish revenue spreadsheets for past 5 fiscal years for Russell at PWS

  • Enter time card

  • Grab adapter for IPOD

Tomorrow at 1pm, I'm driving up to Eureka - Hoping for decent traffic. I had thought about telecommuting, but the apt's walkways are off limits between 8am-5pm, today, tomorrow and Monday. At least today, the top of the stairs was not taped off.
Tags: friends, life

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