Debbie (debmats) wrote,

BaltiCon - Day Three

Another early day. Up and down at 9am to Shula's for the FoL Breakfast. It was just me, Mat, Elaine, Steve and Sharon, Patricia Bray and her friend. Oops... we forgot that Alan & Ed were joining us too, so they had to be at the "children's table" next to ours. This is what happens when you are not at restaurant at exactly 9am.

Went to dealer's room for a bit then up to room (I think). I waited for Gwen outside the Con Suite. Lots of people were down there as that was the waiting area for the blood drive. Would have given blood, but I don't think they want flu tainted stuff.

Since it was crowded, Gwen and I moved to another area upstairs. She had brought her lap harp and her floor harp. Wire strung. OOOOOOOOhhh they resonate... I'm in love. Want the floor harp. Wire-strung. One of her friends stopped by, and she asked him to bring his harp down. Harold has a lap harp which is strung with nylon. If I hadn't already been seduced by the wire strung harp, I would have been perfectly happy with a nylon one. Gwen gave me a great intro lesson - we talked for over an hour - different types of harps and the different ways to pluck with nylon vs wire and then she let me try both of hers. And Harold was kind enough to let me try his too. I WANT. Oy. Have to start saving my pennies as the kind I want will probably start at about $1000. I will get one before the end of the year. Got leads for harp e-lists and places to buy a harp. YAY!

Much thanks to Gwen for everything. Thanks again to Joey for arranging for my lesson.

Went down to the dealers' room so I could get Wen Spencer to sign my books. I loved how she used mice plushies as her bookmarks when she displayed her books at the panels she's been on. If you haven't read the books, the mice make no sense, but if you have - it's wonderful =) I enjoyed the chat we had - lots of laughing.

1pm - went to Steve's panel - 45 Years & counting - my life in science fiction. Was a very enjoyable hour listening to Steve's stories.

2pm - GOH Presentation by Steve & Sharon. Yay! They did the question and answer panel like they did at MarsCon. You'd ask them a question to a specific character, and they'd answer in that character. I asked a question to Aunt Kareem on how she felt about the move to Surebleak. Sharon answered as Aunt Kareem - in total character. I loved it. Aunt Kareem was not happy, but she would cope. I also asked the question about what brought Theo to Liad, but that didn't get answered as it was a spoiler for a future story. Damn. I tried. Elaine was pulling questions out of her PDA (e-books, ya know). It was a lot of fun. Edger was asked if he or one of his family would be interested in having an outpost on Surebleak. He'd have to think about it. Perhaps Sheather or Watcher would be interested.

Made another trip to Rite Aid for more munchies and drinks. Decided on picking up more chips and such as we weren't serving a "main course" aka sandwich.

4pm - went to Steve Macdonald Has Some Songs A,E,I,O,U panel. Basically he was singing to the kids in the craftsroom. Lots of silly fun. The lady with the three kids was there as was the opinionated lady from A Code of Honor for Women panel. Mat, Elaine & I had agreed that these two ladies would get along well but there was a disagreement in the kiddie room and they were on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Oh well *grin*

We ordered a pizza for dinner - it was supposed to be half cheese and half pepperoni mushroom. It turned out to be half pepperoni/half mushroom/pepperoni. Oh well, Mat just had to pick his way around the pepperoni. If Kyle had been around, all that pepperoni would have been his.

7pm - I went to the filk concert with Gwen, Mew and Mew's husband Ed. I enjoyed it a lot. Ended up buying much filk cds - even Ed's solo piano. Loved what I had heard. Good programming music =) Oy. 3 Steve Macdonald cds, 1 solo Gwen, 1 sold Ed, 1 solo Mew, Three Weird Sisters,and the Black Book Band. I had much fun!

Back to Liaden Lounge for 8:30pm opening. More chatting with Alan & Ed. Mike, storyteller from night before, was back with more stories and jokes =) Broke out the wine. Lots of chatting with different folk. Raffle for oooh lovely puzzle would be held at 11pm. I wanted it. Traded comments with Greg Cox about who was going to win it. He was sure he was going to win it. Uh huh.

Last minute flurry of ticket buying. Mike bought a ticket and he said that if he won, he'd give it to me. I didn't realize he was serious. He won! And he gave it to me. I was ecstatic!!! *weg* Thank you Mike!

Closed down the lounge around midnight. Mat and Alan had disappeared early on to go to the dance. Go Mat! =)

Elaine & I went down to filk. Arrived just in time to sing happy 40th birthday to guy named Matt??? Lots of chocolate cake. Gwen introduced me to the group as "This is Debbie, Joey's friend". Had a blast singing until 4:30am. Steve Macdonald closed the filking by singing his Merry Meet, Merry Part. I like that song a lot. Need to find a copy of it.

Went back to the room to pack. Tried to be quiet as Mat was already sleeping. I got everything packed in an hour and crawled into bed a little after 5am. Ugh.

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