Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Vermont - Part III

Sunday, October 7th was another busy day =)

Had time for a quick chat with Howie and then Reesa and Tammy picked me up - quick breakfast at Amy's. Then it was off to Dummerston (sp?) for the apple pie festival. Long lines for just apple pie. One line was for plain apple pie, another for apple pie with ice cream, another for apple pie with cheese and yet another for the works - apple pie, ice cream and cheese! Beautiful day! Lots of bikers out and about too. We opted for a whole pie to eat later. Crafts faire.

Then we drove to New Fane (Newfane?) for a juried crafts faire. Ooh lots of pretty stuff. I got caught in mid poing and Reesa bought me a lovely African Violet pot - the kind where you fill the bottom bowl and the moisture seeps into the top bowl so you don't drown your plane. Thanks Reesa! My African Violet thanks you too!

Saw lots of oooh pretty expensive stuff - but didn't buy anything. I ended up buying some tasty mustards - Tammy ended up buying several dip mixes. Reesa bought a basket of ripe raspberries. Yum! Bought a Joan Aiken book that I hadn't read at the rummage sale.

Stopped at the Tom & Sally Chocolate shop - the mice are so cute.

Picked up leftovers from the wedding and off we went to find the boat. The fall foilage boat that was leaving at 4pm. The pier was right off the main road and it usually took less than half an hour to drive from Alex's house. The main road which was packed with Sunday drivers, idiots crossing the road on a blind curve so that they could get to the vista point, and RV's. Slow RV's. Slow RV's towing cars.

We got to the pier 10 minutes late. The boat? The boat was waiting for us. Yay! Thankfully, the boat only had the one joint group booked so they could wait for us. Phyllis, maker of the fabulous pasta dishes, had passed us at some point and knew we were on the way.

So we spent the next 3 hours cruising along the resevoir, munching on a potluck dinner, and enjoying the fall foilage. There were people on a rocky beach. Some of them looked awfully pale... Maybe they were pale because it was a NAKED beach. Brrr... *g*

Back to Alex & Deb's for apple pie with cheese and much yakking. Another late night.

Packed my suitcase and then crashed.
Tags: friends, vermont

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