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Ren Faire and other stuff

I'm currently waiting for the fileserver at work to reboot - I need to finish putting in my time card and the spreadsheet with the breakdown of hours is unaccessible. System has been wonky since last night.

The cold I've been fighting for the past week is now at the achy breaky body stage, so as soon as I get my time card in, I'm going back to bed. My advil has gone on walkabout.

Saturday night, Kyle managed to push his bedtime to 10:30 - had to find the save point in the HP:The Chamber of Secrets game and then 20 minutes of reading...

He woke up around 7am and crawled into my bed - and promptly took up the entire center of the bed. Woke him up around 8:30 and we went to Old MacDonald's for pancakes.

Alani came bouncing out the door in her wee princess costume - the one that was too long when was she was 3 - it is now a knee length dress. I guess there was drama over the Belle dress - too much scratchy netting. Kyle put on his musketeer costume and off we went to pick up Sean.

Made it to Faire around 11am. The kidlets had not quite driven Sean crazy on the ride down with their "meditating" (singing a note for as long and as loud as they could. Most of the time, they sang a different note that may or may not have been anywhere close to harmonious)

Kyle snagged a wooden sword and belt from the first booth we saw. Alani ended up with pewter eagle and a purple rose wreathe for her hair. Kyle thought the joust was cool - Alani thought it was too loud and she & I ended up looking at the horses on the other side. At first she wouldn't go too close to any of the horses, but she slowly gathered up her courage and finally, she reached out and petted the horse on his belly. She ended up petting several horses on their belly because that was about as far and high as she could reach. One horse did look down at her and she was able to pet his mane.

We did one complete circuit - Kyle tried several games - the crossbow, dunk the sailor, and darts. Alani loved the parrots show, Kyle thought it was okay and Sean & I groaned through all of the very 'fowl' puns. Kyle had brought some of his own money - so he bought himself a pirates book. The Captain gave both kids some pirate treasure - a doubloon each! The only things the kids would eat were the french fries and cookies. After 3 1/2 hours, Alani was zonked, so we left. Kids were both asleep by the time we hit San Jose.

Kyle is about the right age for faire - Alani liked it too - but it was a bit overwhelming.

Thanks Sean!
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