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Saturday and other things

Went to cult gym this morning. Just made 3 times this week. Go Me.

I was feeling particularly tired - last weekend was go-go-go and the week just busy. Sean & I saw Theatreworks' Golda's Balcony on Thursday. I found it very thought provoking, he found it so-so. Had to go google for more info about the period.

Had my first PHP midterm last night. It's a 65 point written and a 35 point program. Brain dead. Ugh.

Met trektone for brunch this morning - we went to La Mediterranee and had the brunch meza - lots of yummy stuff. I liked the Lebanese Foule and the Egg filo the best. Retail therapy at Dark Carnival followed.

Kyle is having a sleep over tonight. He wanted some Auntie Debbie time alone, so the wee party girl is having Mommy time. It helps that I've got a playstation - he's playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Currently he's de-gnoming the Weasley's garden. I can't watch, he's bebopping all over the screen and I was getting motion sick. We went to Kamakura's for dinner where he managed to eat two bowls of miso soup, a bowl of udon with tofu and an order of negihama. I think he was just a touch hungry. *weg*

Tomorrow, herefox and I are taking the kidlets to their first Ren Faire. Alani is going to be wearing her Christmas Belle dress and Kyle has a sort of a musketeer outfit - G has no idea where he got it from.

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