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Vermont - Part II - aka The Wedding

Saturday, October 6th - I finally got to meet Howie. He's very nice and reminds me of Gurgi for some reason. Maybe it's his smile?

Tammy and Reesa picked me up around 8ish and we met Alex & Deb and numerous friends and relatives and started to set up and decorate the American Legion Hall. "Flames" were put up over all the wall sconces. The pillars were lined up and decorated with burgundy netting and leaves and GOURDS. Thankfully, no gourds made their way into my suitcase. Tables were set up and decorated. Center pieces were created of pumpkins, crab apples, candles and leaves. Programs were stamped and rolled with leaves and acorns. Cheesecloth was decorated with gold paint and hung in the bathroom to dry - where they were forgotten and stayed there the entire day I think. Reesa was sent off for supplies again.

The altar was set up on the stage - decorated with cloth covered with stars. Candles. Cranes. Shiny stuff. =)

Tammy, Reesa and I headed back to Howie's to shower and dress. We chatted with Howie as
hair and make up got done. Geez louise - Reesa's hair is soooo long and gorgeous. *envy* My hair won't grow that long. At that point, I gave up breathing as I was laced into my bodice.

Back to the hall around 3pm. First thing I got to do was lace Alex into his doublet. Trying to get the sides evenly laced was interesting. *g* Oops too loose. Ooops too tight. Oh well.

It was a lovely ceremony and there were lots of *sniffs*. Tammy, Reesa and I left our bubbles (wee bottles with little sword bubble wires) on the table. Thankfully, the majority of people hadn't and there were lots of bubbles as Alex & Deb walked back down the aisle. They immediately cut the cheese cake and were very nice to each other - no smashing cake in faces. Then the buffet opened up and the munching began!

One of his sisters made venison stew. I have come to the conclusion that I'm not crazy about venison. It was a little too strong of a taste for me. I loved Howie's Arabian acorn cheese squash casserole! Pasta was yummy too. Cheese cake, cookies, spicy gingerbread (yum!) and lots of other munchies. Chocolate fountain! Marshmallows, apples, and graham crackers for dipping!

Tammy and I were on the same wave length as we saw the chocolate fountain, marshmallows and graham crackers... SOMEMORES!!! And then there was this LIT candle in the centerpiece and...

We were bad. We toasted marshmallows over the candle. Yes, we made somemores and they were yummy *weg*

There was some very energetic dancing especially by Emily's friend. Looks like they all had a good time. When they played "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", had to go up and dance. Well, Reesa and I did. We tried to get Tammy to, but no luck. I did manage to not trip over my skirts. Go me!

Everybody pitched in and the hall was packed up by 8:30. Drove back to Alex & Deb and put away everything that needed to be refridgerated. They opened up their gifts. Spencer's girlfriend Brittney made them a gorgeous green patterned quilt. Beautiful! Very talented this girl - she not only quilts but she made all the cheese cakes for the wedding! Oh my!

Back to Howie's sometime after midnight. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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