Debbie (debmats) wrote,

BaltiCon - Day 2

Bleech... up, showered and out of bed by 10am.

Elaine joyfully told me that she had found my "harp" teacher at filking the night before! I had to somehow meet up with Gwen for my intro to harp lesson. Yay! At least now I knew (or at least Elaine knew) who I was looking for!

First panel of the day was "A Code of Honor for Women". Previous year's panel member kept talking about what was done the year before and couldn't seem to let go so that this year's panel could start. Oy. I definitely hadn't had enough dp at that point. The main reason I went is because Sharon was on the panel. The panel kind of spiraled into a when was it okay to kick a guy in the balls...

I stayed for the 11am panel on Asian Icons in SF. I think I should have gone with Mat to the Dealer's room.

Noon - KaffeeKlastch with Steve and Sharon. Steve ended up not attending... he wasn't feeling well. There was a good room full of Liaden fantatics. Very enjoyable hour chatting with Sharon.

Went off to find our volunteers to help move furniture. Promise of bodies for later on that afternoon.

Quick trip to Burger King for lunch. Yet another nutritious meal.

1:30pm - went to Steve MacDonald's Filk Guest of Honor Concert. Not a big turnout- but really enjoyed what I heard. Steve was joined by Gwen and Mew (Mary Ellen Wessels) for a few lovely songs. I decided that I definitely needed to buy some of Steve's music. Was able to talk to Gwen after the concert - set up a meeting time of 11am on Sunday for lesson.

OOh one of our few trips out of the hotel - down the street to Rite Aid to buy misc stuff for the party. A few more sodas (MORE DP), munchies... it's hard to estimate when you have no idea how many people were going to show up.

Volunteer showed up and helped us move the bed from Elaine's room to ours. Wasn't as difficult as it first appeared. Mattress and boxsprings were easily moved. It really felt like we were hiding bodies *grin*

Went to listen to Steve & Sharon's 4pm reading from Balance of Trade. It was interesting to hear what they had changed from the original short story for the new full length book. Too bad that Sharon & Steve only bring what they absolutely need to read. Otherwise there would be thoughts of raiding their room for the rest.

Liaden Lounge! Back to the room to set things up and to await the 6 foot sub from Subways. The person who took the order was so very nice and was going to deliver it to the hotel. Wowee!!

Lounge Open - first visitors were Alan, Ed & Jamie from Meisha Merlin. Much chatting and laughter. Met Adam R. from the list. Yay - another face to go with a sig. *grin* Met some other really nice people - guy named Mike who's a good storyteller stayed the entire time. Had fun answering people's question of "what did you do with the bed???" "Bed? It's right here" or with a snap of the fingers "Magic".

Room was pretty full most of the night. Sometimes too full - like the lady with three kids (youngest was a toddler - oldest was maybe 10 or 11). Her sister and mother came too. Lady... your older kids are out of control and your baby is so tired she really needs to go to bed. Grrrr

I think we finally closed down the lounge around 3:30am. The last of the sandwich was finally eaten around 3:15. Impressive. Elaine still had energy and went off to filk. I crashed.
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