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Vermont - Part I

Thursday, October 4th - K picked me up around 6:30am and there was a very short line for both checking in my bags and security. I was at the gate by 7am. Breakfast was eggs and bacon at the airport cafe.

Both flights were on time - no weather or any other problems for a change - I basically napped all the way across country. In fact, I got into both Chicago-Midway and Hartford early. Wish I could have gotten a picture of one of the great lakes with the storm clouds. an_sceal's plane was delayed, so I found a seat and listened to One Summer by Nora Roberts.

Met up with Reesa!!! She picked up her rental car (first time for her!) and we had a quick dinner at Taco Bell as by the time we would get to Brattleboro, nothing else would be open. At least this time, there were no snow flurries on the trip from CT to VT.

greenmtnboy18! drinteot! tammy_g! Yay!

Tammy & Reesa were to stay at Laura's house. I was to stay at Alex's friend Howie's house. No kitties you see. So after playing follow the leader to Laura's place, Alex & I drove to New Hampshire. *g* It still tickles me to just switch states that easy. We drove to house in rural NH. Howie has the upper flat. As it was close to midnight, he had already gone to bed. Alex and I quietly got the luggage upstairs, and he showed me where things were and off he went. I settled into a lovely room with dormer windows and futon bed. I crashed.

I awoke to Alex's laugh from outside. EEEK! I'd overslept. So, while Alex & Deb waited patiently, I got ready. I had yet to meet my host, by the way. I didn't hear a thing - he'd left for work by 8am I guess.

After an unplanned trip to Keene, we met Tammy & Reesa at Amy's Coffee Shop for breakfast. Then Tammy, Reesa and I did a bit shopping in downtown Brattleboro. The bead shop? Dangerous. The fact that it was pay day? I had a very good time in the shop. OOOH shiny stuff!

The plan was to take Deb out for a sort of "bridal shower" lunch. We took her to Burdick Chocolate in Walpole, NH. Had a lovely lunch - the stuffed trout was wonderful. We started with a cheese plate that had all 5 of us going yum! We all got different desserts and shared them among us. The mousse cake was great! This was definitely a place that trektone would have a blast.

Back to Alex & Deb's for more prep for their wedding. Deb starting making dozens of cupcakes (they smelled yummy - especially the pumpkin spice ones!). Alex and Tammy worked on the tissue flames, Reesa was sent out to buy last minute supplies and I got to splat paint on the remaining "pillars".

Did more shopping in downtown Brattleboro's Evening Gallery Walk. Lots of oohing and aahing at things that were way out of the budget =)

Dinner was take out from the Thai restaurant.

Another late night. Got dropped off at Howie's - the light was left on in the window and yet again, my mysterious host had already gone to bed. It was starting to feel like one of those fairy tales where the protagonist was staying in an enchanted castle...
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