Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Yay! After much hair pulling, I just completed and submitted my homework assignment. I had wanted to get it done early as I will be in Brattleboro when it's due.

The programming portion was fairly straight forward - it was getting the stupid thing to display where it was supposed to. grrrrrr...

I am way behind on my journal.

I took the kids to their first and only A's game of the season on Sunday, September 16th. Kyle was really into it. Alani - she was mostly interested in "when is the cotton candy guy going to get here????" I had the joyful experience of explaining why Nick Swisher went after the pitcher after he'd been beaned - and the benches cleared and there was a big fight. Oy.

We stayed the entire game except for the one inning where we went to the Stomper Fun Zone. (Alani wanted to go, Kyle did not). A's lost *sniff*

herefox, lilacfairy, Foxy's friend, Devra and I went to the Buffy Sing-a-Long at the Bridge Theatre in San Francisco on the 21st. We all got a goody bag - bubbles (to blow when Dawn did her ballet thing), kazoos, fangs, popper (to use during Tara's climax) and wee monster to do the "grrr arrrgh" at the end. It was a blast!

Saturday the 22nd, andreal, Foxy and I went to see Emma - I loved it. I really would like a cast album. Dinner with others had issues. Oh well.

Sunday, trektone and I went to Noodle Theory on the corner of College and Claremont. Dumplings! Garlic noodles! Ramen! Comfort food! Yum. We were going to get dessert at Bittersweet, but they were closed. Thought about going to Fenton's, but we ended up trying a new place - Cafe Lyon. I enjoyed the chocolate bread pudding though it was light on the chocolate. Chai tea just doesn't get strong enough when you brew it via a tea bag.

Last Saturday, Foxy, Liz & I went to Northern Ren Faire. Liz was an FV (faire virgin), but we soon deflowered her. *weg* Met up with Ogg. Liz kept eyeing the various types of garb, but she didn't succumb to the siren's call. Rats! Foxy! We're losing our touch. She didn't quite know what to make of Broon - perhaps she'd enjoy Moonie more.

Foxy & I are planning on taking Kyle and Alani to their first Ren Faire on the 14th...

We celebrated Alani's birthday early as K would be somewhere in France or Italy and I'd be in Vermont this weekend. She was quite happy with her birthday dinner... Udon and Tofu. Broccoli too. The rest of us had chicken katsu and bbq Hawaiian chicken too.

I need to finish packing. I could get away with a small suitcase except my faire garb takes lots of space. It's the hat and all the feathers...
Tags: family, friends, ren faire

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