Debbie (debmats) wrote,

BaltiCon - Day 1

Slept most of the flight from Oakland to Phoenix and then Phoenix to Baltimore. This getting up for a 6am flight is a bit insane.

Had a bit of a delay taking off in Phoenix - kept dozing off and we still were taxiing around on the ground.

Finally got to Baltimore - Mat was waiting over by baggage claim. We took a cab to the hotel. Lo & behold, ran into Elaine as we were going over the to register. Yay! They still hadn't put my name on the room and I know I called, and Elaine had done so too. Good thing Elaine was around =)

Figured out the rooms - Elaine was going to stay in the "party" room and Mat and I were going to be in the room next door. The rooms were supposed to be adjoining, with the doors unlocked, but we ended up with rooms just next door to each other. Pooh. We planned on moving one of the beds from Elaine's room into Mat & my room so that there would be more space to party.

Went to dinner at Shula's (as in coach shula) - prime rib was good. Baked potato with all the bad stuff was even better. Figured that I'd need to eat at least one good meal (hadn't really eaten anything all day) for the weekend.

Made it to one panel - the 7pm Anime for Newbies (and long time fans too). It was an interesting overview. I was just too tired to make sense of stuff.

Elaine went off to do filking, but Mat & I went back to the room and crashed. I still wasn't feeling 100% - having the flu will do that to a person - the whole "no energy" bit was irritating.
Tags: balticon, bower, friends, liaden

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