Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Catch Up

Da Evil One has started me watching Buffy again. I had not watched seasons 6 & 7 - so we've gotten all the way through the musical. (Have to practice - we're going to the Buffy Singalong next Friday!) Now that I've seen all the stuff leading up to the musical - boy does it make a lot more sense!

Did not like the weird eyes in After Life. Nope, not at all.

Thursday, K treated me to my first A's game of the season - we had great seats - 8 rows in back of the A's dugout!!! A's beat the Rangers! Yay!!!!

It's just weird - going to my first game of the season in SEPTEMBER!

First PHP homework assignment done and submitted - and it's not due until NEXT FRIDAY. Go Me!

Today, had brunch with Liz at La Pinata. Had a very nice chat - we hadn't seen each other in months! Must try and keep in touch.
Tags: a's, friends, life

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