Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Laundry and Adventures in Dining

Some days, I just don't get "me". This week for example - I've had a major aversion to doing laundry. It's not like I have to drag it to the car, and drive to a laundrymat. I just have to lug it down the stairs and into the laundry room. I have resorted to doing hand laundry this week - that's how bad it is. I've finally given in and done two loads. Maybe the heat this week has fried my brain.

Last night, trektone took me out for my birthday dinner. As usual, the restaurant was a complete surprise - I just pick up Joey from work and he directs me to the restaurant.

We went Lulu's - one of Joey's favorite restaurants and one that I've been hearing great things about for years now.

For appetizers, we got the 3 item plate which included duck liver mousse with fig balsalmic vinigrette, salami, and country pate with stone ground mustard. Yum.

Small plates had iron skillet roasted mussels with drawn butter and the portobello mushrooms with polenta. Definite favorites!

We got the rosemary scented chicken with warm potato and lettuce salad and the fennel scented pork loin with olive oil mashed potatoes.

I ended up with a large doggie bag =)

We got a four - 2oz glasses of different pinot noirs - two from CA, one from Oregon and one from Austrailia. I liked the CA Ramsey (sp?) the best. I can't remember the names of the other ones *sigh*

We got the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (very rich - a little went a very long way), the profiteroles (sp???) and the cookies served with a goat cheese sorbetto (weird, but tasty).

Thanks again Joey!!!
Tags: birthday, friends, life

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