Debbie (debmats) wrote,

herefox, andreal and I are going to see Theatreworks' Emma on Saturday, Sept. 22nd. Matinee even. Why the matinee? Because Debbie had been skipping around trying to find tickets for three seats together and when she finally found some, she went ahead and bought it. It just happened to be the matinee rather than the evening performance. Oh and I had 7 minutes to say yea or nay to it. Oh and had to get a hold of Noah to make sure that day worked and and and... Oh well.

Guess I haven't had enough diet pepsi this morning.

After a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan with fresh corn on the cob (thanks Foxy!), we ended up watching Buffy: Season 6. I had not seen the episode "After Life". There were icky weird eyes. I hate weird eyes. Hate Hate Hate... Nightmares and such.

Maybe it was because I was giggling so bad after I got Foxy back - I do know his one ticklish weakness, I do - maybe that's why I had no bad dreams after all. *weg*
Tags: buffy, friends, musicals

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