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Sep. 2nd, 2007

It's veddy, veddy quiet in da apt. "yay!" - the kidlets have gone home =)

Yesterday, after doing the gym thing, K & I went off to do some retail therapy. Stops at REI, Walgreens (monthly necessities which are on sale NEXT week at Costco - but I need NOW), and Tokyo Fish Market.

Combined birthday dinner for Kyle and me - lots of maguro and hamachi, rice, wakame salad, nori and udon. Alani is still on her "white diet" - rice, noodles and tofu. She will eat a few green items - broccoli and nori. Funfetti cake!

Kids came home with me for a sleepover. It was still warm enough to go swimming, so much splashing was had. Alani still needs to be watched, but she can get herself from side to side of the pool through a combination of treading water, dog paddling and floating. A HUGE improvement since the beginning of the summer! She's still too short to stand and have her face above water so she's contantly treading water. Kyle has been and continues to be a fish!

Kyle and Alani played the first Harry Potter on the PS2 - he's having issues with the flying the broomstick through the circles and it frustrates him. Hmmmm, sounds familiar. I'm no help - I still get motion sick!!!

This morning, it was Old MacDonald's for breakfast - pancakes! Dropped the kids off and I did the Farmers' Market thing. Veggies and fruits for the week. Grapes and nectarines!

I've got my dp and some crunchings and munchings and Queen of the Orcs: Book II. I'm content.

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