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The Wylde Hunt and Emma

Had a strange phone conversation with pezazul this afternoon. He'd sent me the Heroes DVD which I received yesterday. He'd called to make sure I had received the package. We were chatting and I said I was planning on marathon of watching it this weekend. This resulted in a sort of "huh?" reaction from him. "Heroes, DVD?" Oh yeah. He'd forgotten he'd gotten that for me. My turn to go "huh?". He'd been talking about ANOTHER package.

So, I came home and there was a large, flat package, trying to hide itself underneath my welcome mat. I figured out what it was, I just didn't know which one it was. There were two prints that I really liked at the artshow at NASFIC by Sandra SanTara. One was of a fox playing a flute and the other was a very sexy and cool looking guy with antlers that I kept going back to look at. A lot. Kev knows me well - I now have a print of The Wylde Hunt - Herne!!! Herne is going up on my bedroom wall as soon as I get him framed. *weg*


Tonight herefox and I went to see Emma - Theatreworks' newest world premiere. It was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Go See! I loved the music, the reoccuring themes and it just made me feel good. Our experience was enhanced when the hero and heroine had their first kiss - somebody to the left of us let out a loud squeal of delight. It was PERFECT!


I think Foxy & I are going to see it again.
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