Debbie (debmats) wrote,

K & I did the Farmers' Market as usual. No party with the wee party girl last night - S had taken them to a friend's company picnic at Marine World and didn't get home until late. Alani and I will have a party next Saturday instead.

K & I spent the next few hours at Best Buy and Circuit City with lunch at the Emeryville Public Market squeezed in between. K wanted to see what a Game Boy Advance looked like so we ended up at Circuit City. It would help if you could see what a game looked like on a Nintendo DS - all that was on display was the Brain game.

We finally called Kyle and asked whether he had played on the DS at all and what his friends all had. None had the DS yet. K & I also discussed how well Kyle would take care of this toy. We finally decided on the Game Boy Advance and were able to pick up four games for the price of two, so Kyle now has Star Wars I & II (Lego characters), Emerald Pokeman, and one of the Avatars game.

Thanks to all the comments on the Game Boy vs DS questions!!!
Tags: family

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