Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Bits and pieces

Things are a wee bit crazy.

Just found out that my cousin Joanne's funeral will be at 10:30am on Wednesday.

My travel schedule looks like:

Sunday: drive up to Sacramento to catch party bus to Reno. Celebrating my auntie nobu's birthday (80 something, I think) - this has been planned for months. The joys of ka-ching, clink, jackpot! is hereditary *g* This is just a day trip, should be home by early evening.

Monday: Drive down to Los Angeles for Irene's funeral at 7:30pm. Drive home immediately after service - should get home around 3am. Karen says she'll drive a lot on the way home so I can get some sleep. I have to be at work at 8am on Tuesday for mandatory training. The trade off is that she'll have control of the stereo which means I have to listen to REM. Oy.

Tuesday: Fly back to Los Angeles on the 9pm flight from Oakland.

Wednesday: Attend Joanne's funeral at 10:30am. Fly back to Oakland on the 9pm flight.

Thursday: Go to work.

Friday: Drive back down to Los Angeles for FUN.

Need to call Michael the glass pusher.

Irene's obituary
Joanne's obituary

* * * * * * * * *

Saw Wicked the Musical last night and loved it. Really want the cast album. Had a good giggle when wardrobe which the witch was hiding in began to misbehave. Watched as the door kept popping open, and the witch grab for the door and try to keep it closed. Door wouldn't stay shut. Massive giggles when the witch and her sister couldn't stop laughing when the wardrobe started falling apart.

I'd like to see it again.
Tags: family, friends, glass pusher

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