Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Kyle's birthday party

Did the gym thing. Go Me =)

Then I headed over to the Bladium Sports Club for Kyle's 8th birthday party. He and his friends (Noah, Nathan, Skylar, David, Henry, Anders) spent the first hour climbing up a "cliff" and belaying down (check out the "rock gym"). I think they will all sleep very well tonight. Alani did some climbing on the rocks, but didn't want to try doing the cliff. Steve decided to give it a go and said that about half way up, his hands were numb. He too will sleep well tonight and probably be sore tomorrow.

One of the coaches demonstrated how to jump from one level to the next using only upper body strength. Oy. T'was amazing.

The second hour was spent in the party area - pizza, pasta and fruit - and then basketball and a bouncy tent. Yup, the kids will sleep well tonight.

Note: once the goodie bags have been handed out, write the kid's name on the bag. Much trauma otherwise.

Wee party girl will be coming over tonight. MacDonald's in my future...
Tags: family, kids
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