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Sunday, we invaded Auntie Hey & Uncle Mits'. Lots of chatting and food magically appeared out of Auntie's garage refridgerator. Uncle Mits set up the sprinkler for the kids, so there was much squealing and laughter from the front lawn.

Cousins Robert, Phyllis and Scotty stopped by and it was great to be able to talk them.

Around 6pm, we drove to the Tropicana Hotel across the street from Disneyland. Kids were happy because they got to go swimming. Actually the water felt good even if it was more luke warm than cold.


Amazingly enough, we made it to Disneyland by 8:15am. First thing we did, was get in line for the new Finding Nemo ride (aka that yellow and blue submarine thing). It was about a 1 3/4 hour wait. We survived the wait - no hooeys, no major whining - though we saw and heard a lot of the others breaking down, poor kids. Adults too. Kyle desperately wanted to ride something.

The ride was cute - not sure I'd ever wait 2 hours for it again though. I think the last time I did the submarine ride was when I was 10? It's been closed a long time.

I went in search of an atm while everybody else rode Astroblasters. Kyle and K did Star Tours. Yay!!!! I didn't have to ride it. We got fast passes for the 5-6pm on Space Mountain. Did a bit of window shopping - but the kids were hungry, so we left the park around 12:30. Lunch at Captain Kidd's next door to the hotel. It was too dang hot. We went swimming for about an hour and then tried to get the kids to take nap. The only one who fell asleep was G.

Around 3, K took Kyle to CA Adventure. He was dying to ride Tower of Terror and CA Screamin'.

3:30, Alani & I returned to Disneyland. G was still asleep - she had a headache and her foot was acting up again. We watched the parade, and then we rode Sleeping Beauty (a little scary for her) and Peter Pan (she loved - she'd never been on that one)

Met K & Kyle at Space Mountain. G said to go without her. So, we got a red coupon (aka switch the kid pass) and Kyle & I rode Space Mountain. No wait because of the fastpass. Once we got off, we switched kids, and Kyle & K got to ride. The red coupon allows people with children to switch kids and not have to wait in line again. Plus, it allows one other person to ride, so you don't have to ride alone. Kyle was very happy because he got to ride it twice.

G finally met up with us and since she had a fastpass, she and Kyle rode it together (Alani hadn't used her fastpass). Kyle was ecstatic because he got to ride Space Mountain 3 times!

We split up again. G, Kyle and I went to New Orleans' Square and rode Pirates and the Haunted Mansion (too early for Jack Skellington *sigh*). No wait for either ride. Then Kyle & I rode Indiana Jones. G said she had had enough shaking for the day.

Meanwhile, K & Alani had ridden the Winnie the Pooh (have no idea how many times), It's a Small World and the Enchanted Tiki (Alani LOVES it). K could not remember the last time she had done the Tiki room - probablly one of the "rides" Auntie Yo took us on before she gave up and had Sy take us to Disneyland.

Watched the fireworks! Squeee!!!

K & Kyle rode the Matterhorn while G & I found dinner. Popcorn? G had a veggie burger, K & I had cheese burgers. Alani had chicken nuggets and popcorn. Kyle just had popcorn.

K took the kids back to the hotel.

Prezzies? Kyle had chosen two Star Wars battle droid sets. Alani had gotten a mini Nemo and a mini Offspring (Crush the turtle's kid). Her main prezzie? Jasmine's outfit - with crown and matching shoes? So, G & I went in search of it. Ouch.

At least it was cheaper than the Christmas Belle outfit from a couple of years ago.

Kids were out in less than 5 minutes.

Tuesday, Kyle was awake before 9am - he had his battle droid sets opened and had a quiet little war going on in the entranceway. Alani slept until 10.

Breakfast at IHOP.

LA traffic was horrid. Major HOOEYS in the back seat. Alani didn't want to go home because "SHE DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY". It took a bit to finally get that out of her. She was especially tired and so were we - so it made a long trip to the Grapevine.

We did make a stop and moved her to the back row with G - she just wanted some Mommy snuggle time.

Dinner at MacDonald's in Santa Nella.
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