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Dave & Holly's Wedding

Ah, yes, yet another family trip.

So, we managed to finally get out of town around 10:30. The car, as usual, was packed to the gills. Somewhere on highway 5, after the first potty stop, the drat check engine light came on. What to do? The car seemed to be running fine. There's nothing out there. The car just HAD $2200 worth of work done, partially because the light had come on in the first place AND my car had had issues with the sensor before (enough times that they had to replace the whole thing before). So I just drove and prayed for the best.

Not exactly a stress free trip, ya know?

Stopped at Iron Skillet for a late lunch and made it to Lorie's around 6pm

Dinner at Shaka's =)

We left 60-70 degree temperatures of the Bay Area and had driven down to LA and its heat wave AND humidity... Why?

Dave & Holly's Wedding!!!

Temperature was already in the high eighties and it wasn't even noon yet...

We left Lorie's around 12:30 for the 2pm wedding. Traffic on 101 was horrid. Traffic once we got off the freeway was even worse. Plus we got lost. We finally pulled into the parking lot at 905 Loma Vista at 2:02pm. Lots of cars arrived at the same time - traffic was that bad. Cousin Stevie didn't get there until almost 3pm. Thankfully, the wedding wasn't planned to start until 2:30pm. Wish they had mentioned that somewhere - but then again, they know some of the cousins. Sy (cousin from hell) and Kurt didn't get there until 15 minutes after we did - but they're usually late.

A bit of snafu - S couldn't find Alani's dress or dress shoes, so G had to go to the store late Thursday and pick up shoes and a dress. The shoes were too big. After putting on 3 pairs of socks and stuffing the toe, they'd do and Alani said she'd wear them. Well, after spending over 90 minutes in the car - and the AC never really compensated enough for the heat and humidity, Alani was not a happy camper. She absolutely REFUSED to wear the shoes and triple socks and all. Joy. HOOOEY!!! Should have just let Alani wear her tennis shoes. We thought that we wouldn't push it at the moment, so she just wore one pair of socks, and no shoes. She went the entire day without shoes. Oh well.

Out in the open, with very little shade, we all waited for the wedding to start. The favors were very practical - parasols - and boy did they get used. Pink lemonade and ice water were served - definitely needed.

The wedding took place in the garden area by the fountain. G had looked up Greystone and read that all weddings would be held OUTDOORS. So, we had all slathered on sun screen. Good thing too. Usually you'd think there would be a marquee tent of sorts - Nope. We all sat in the sun and there weren't enough parasols for all. Poor Lynn, the groom's aunt, hoped that SPF 50 would be enough - but wasn't completely sure because it was so dang hot. The Van Dykes are all red heads and very very fair skinned.

Holly and Dave were just so happy!!! At times, when the pastor was reading a passage or something else, they were both looking around at people and smiling and waving and generally just happy. =)

Hors de oeuvres and drinks were served on the lower terrace. Most people were crowded against the building or under the few umbrellas. Felt bad for the wait staff - they not only had to run around in the sun - they were all dressed in black uniforms...

Reception was held on another terrace - about 10-12 tables of 8 - all had huge umbrellas, but they didn't totally block the sun. I got one of the "sunny" seats. Salad followed by either a beef entree or a salmon entree. The kids usually eat salmon and mashed potatoes, but both had been topped with something - sort of a dill yogurt for the fish and herbs for the potatoes. They didn't eat much *sigh*

Kyle LOVED DANCING. He just got up on the dance floor and had a BLAST! Cousin Alison taught him all sorts of stuff - the monkey, disco steps (John Travolta anyone?) and general silliness. Kyle threw in his own original steps plus some stuff he picked up from martial arts. He basically danced the entire time. Oy. Oy. Oy.

Alani danced a little bit but she's much shyer than her exhibitionist brother. The heat got to her early on too.

The tossing of the bouquet. Oh boy. Alani did not want to go up with the other single girls - just too many people. So she and I were standing off to the side and our view was blocked. We saw Holly toss the bouquet from the roof of the terrace and then heard K laughing loudly and everybody else clapping, cheering and laughing. From out of the crowd, Kyle walks over to G and presents her with the bouquet. "This is for you, Mommy." K taped it so we all got to see it later.

Kyle and K had gone over to watch and some of the ladies encouraged Kyle to come with them and try to catch the bouquet. So, that's what he did! It actually came down to just one other lady and Kyle - everybody stepped away and didn't even try.

Family roll call? Ann & Craig, Dave, Holly and Lucas. Nancy, Stevie and Teddy. Ted, Barbara and Allison. Tetsuo, Pam, Kurt, Kim and Sy. Geez, I haven't talked to Kim in years. I missed her wedding because Alani was born - I haven't even met her two daughters yet.

Afterwards, we had a late dinner at Shaka's. Some days, saimin just really hits the spot.

I had really thought about going to ConChord, but we didn't get back to Lorie's until almost 10 - and I was still leary about the car - so it didn't happen. Rats.
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