Debbie (debmats) wrote,

herefox and I saw Stardust on Tuesday. I highly recommend it!

So, tomorrow, Eeyore II will packed full - K, G, the kidlets and I will be heading down to LA for our cousin Dave's wedding. So, Saturday will be the wedding and visiting with Dad's side of the family. Sunday will be visiting with Mom's side. Monday will be visiting with the all important MOUSE. The kids don't know that yet =)

We'll be staying with K's friend Lorie for Friday-Sunday morning and then check into the Tropicana Hotel across the street from Disneyland Sunday night. Figured it would be easier on all to have access to the hotel during the day. If Disneyland gets too hot and crowded, there's always the pool. Driving home on Tuesday.

G can ride with Kyle on Star Tours this trip. I'll go take Alani on Dumbo or It's a Small World. Actually, I may end up with Kyle in CA Adventure and the rollercoaster and Tower of Terror...
Tags: disneyland, family, friends

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