Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Flew home on Wednesday - 10:20 flight out of St. Louis - no weather or any other problems this go around. Security line was the longest I'd ever seen. By the time I'd gotten through security and picked up something to eat at Burger King, it was almost time to board.

Snoozed through most of the trip. The St. Louis to Salt Lake City was a full flight. The Salt Lake City to Oakland was not too bad - the middle seat was empty for a change.

G & the kids picked me up.

Can I just say that I love Bay Area weather? The fog's been in every morning and the high for the day hasn't been over 75 since I got home. Aaahhh...

Got my XML final back - 82/100 (waaah!) but I managed to get a 90.5 for the class, so I've kept my A average. Whoooweeee! The multiple choice questions got me again. The program which I had to wing it because I didn't have the exchanger program installed - I got 13/14 so I'm happy. Next up - PHP & Perl.
Tags: life, xml

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