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Tuesday, tammy_g,pezazul and I went to Defiance and Augusta for wine tasting.

First stop was brunch at First Watch.

First up was Sugar Creek. I liked their Sunset Red ("Smooth semi-dry red has spicy berry flavors which complement pasta or lighter meat dishes") and the Rustica Red ("Four grape varieties blended together offer a sweet wine ripe with cherry and wild berry flavors. Great with cheese or fruit served on your deck or patio." ) best. Was not too crazy about their sweet wines- Blackberry Thicket, Peach Hallow and Raspberry Patch - though I think Joycie would have liked the Peach one. Would have liked to try their port, but they were sold out.

Next up was Montelle. Liked the Himmelswein ("Catawba grape, Native American, harvested 2 weeks early, which gives this wine a green apple taste on the front of the pallet, slight lemon taste in the finish."). I thought the St. Wenceslaus ("A festive Holiday tradition at Montelle. A sweet wine full of spice, serve warm with lemon and orange slices.") tasted just liked mulled wine and might be even good served as a sangria.

I liked the Vidal Icewine ("Sweet dessert white with a golden color. Concentrated fruit flavor and bouquet of citrus, peach and apricot. Rich body, very long rich finish. 375ml bottle."), but it wasn't much different than Rosenblum's viognier, so I didn't buy any.

Their fruit wines were much less sweet than Sugar Creek's and probably their Blackberry one would be more towards herefox's taste.

Augusta Winery was next. I liked the 2005 Seyval Blanc ("Semi-dry white; crisp acidity; intense, tropical fruit; lingering finish.") and the 2006 Vignoles ("Semi-sweet white; Pineapple, tropical fruit bouquet, fresh crisp fruit body with a hint of sweetness."), the 2006 Icewine ("Sweet dessert wine; intense, rich, concentrated fruit flavors and bouquet, long, rich finish.Made after the ice has been removed from frost.Very rare and extremely limited. - 375ml bottle") and the 2004 Vintage Port ("Beautiful deep burgundy color, made in the traditional Portuguese style,rich ripe fruit flavors and bouquet, full bodied, very long satisfying finish. - 750ml bottle ").

I think I was fairly wined out at that point...

Finally we went to Mount Pleasant Winery. This was a disappointing stop. The guy working there really could care less whether we bought anything or not. Oh yeah, it was $5 for tasting 5 wines. We just got one tasting and split it. The tawny port was good and the 10 Bucks ("Toast to the New Year with this very popular sweet, carbonated white wine made from Seyval, Vidal, Rayon, Chardonel. Very creamy with a sugar level of 10%.") was tasty. I really thought about buying a bottle or two of the 10 Bucks, but I ultimately didn't.

I didn't buy a single bottle. Oy. None of the wines jumped up and down and said "buy me!". Plus I have too many wines at home...

It was lots of fun - yakking with Tammy & Kev. Poor Christopher had to work.

Quick stop in the park at the Art Museum to see if they any t-shirts from the Untamed Beauty: Tigers in Japanese Art. trektone had expressed an interest in it, but no t-shirts. Oh well.

Dinner at the St. Louis Gast Haus!

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