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Some of the strange things one does

It's that time of year again - Christmas in July or the Hallmark's annual holiday ornaments debut.

For the past couple of years, I've gone to my plushie pusher's midnight party. It's one of those insane things that retailers so that an item becomes available at 12:01 am on the release date. My plushie pusher is dangerous because her stores sell stuff I love to collect - beanies, precious moment statues, snoopy stuff and all kinds of teddy bears. So, it's 11:15pm on a Friday night and I'm doing the 45 minute drive down to San Jose.

It is reassuring to know that I am not alone in my insanity. The store is packed with other crazy collectors - everybody has their baskets or bags filled with ornaments. Regular size or miniatures, barbie, hot wheels, snoopy, winnie the pooh, more disney, ones that light up, ones that play music, star trek ships, star wars creatures with light sabers...

I had to buy the godchild one for Laura - I've been buying her that one for 20 years now. I buy the Victorian Shop for my friend Jenny as her birthday prezzie every year - what am I going to do when they finally finish the series - 19 years now. As a matter of insanity, I buy all the star trek, snoopy and winnie the pooh ones. When I do put up my tree, the bottom row of the tree is made up of flashing/talking star trek ship. The rest of the tree is covered in Winnie the Pooh & Snoopy ornaments. I basically need a 10 foot tree. Good thing my apt has high ceilings.

I no longer buy my sisters all the pooh ornaments or the snoopy ones. They have no more space on their trees. Oh well, their loss. However, I'm starting to buy ones for Alani and Kyle (baby's 2nd christmas, toddlers photo ornament...) Mwhahahahaha Hallmark is especially pushing "family" photo ornaments this year. They even have an artsy "tree" in which to hang this ornaments. *sigh* Who knows.

You know you've got it bad when you've prebought a bunch of ornaments which are debuting in October. I've ordered ET, newest star trek ship, the breast cancer angel (I seem to be buying more angels for some reason), and all the harry potter ones.

So, it's almost 2am and I leave the store with a krispy kreme chocolate donut in one hand and a bag full of ornaments, two new beanie buddie bears and a snoopy sign that basically says, "when all else fails, take a nap". That's a sentiment I can live with.

I think I'm going to go channel Gollum. I've got all the ornaments on my living room and I'll admire each one. *Mine*

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