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Sunday, Kev & I picked up Christopher and went to LuLu's for dim sum brunch. It was good - they even rolled up a grill to the table and grilled stuff like the turnip cake, the stuffed bell peppers and eggplant. Kev tried the lotus leaf rice thingy that Joey really likes - well, Kev was okay with it until he found the quail egg in the middle.

Time enough for a quick nap before tammy_g arrived! Yak yak yak =)

Tammy made scones and coffee cake...

Dinner at Miss Saigon's.

Played Apples to Apples until bedtime.

Monday, we had brunch at the Minions' Cafe - I thought of Emily when I saw the restaurant name.

Quick trip to the bead store and then to Penzy's Spices. Oh herefox, I just happened to pick up ground ginger and crystalized ginger... HINT HINT

Now where did we go for dinner???

ETA: 1:04pm Ah! I remember!
We went to an Ethiopian restaurant - Meskerem. I'd never been to one where you ended up eating with the bread (injera) and no utensils. It was very tasty. We started out with the sambosas - both beef and lentils. Then our server brought out a large round serving dish which was covered with a large injera. She then dished out upon the injera:
  • shiro wat: ground and highly seasoned chick peas in barbere sauce
  • a beef dish
  • a chicken dish - it may have been doro wat
  • green bean dish
  • cabbage, potato and other veggies
Tags: bower, friends, st. louis, vacation

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